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ZoneMinder Chef Cookbook

Posted by mattray on February 20, 2014

D-Link 930L

D-Link 930L

A recent rash of burglaries in my neighborhood encouraged me to set up a security camera for my front door. I’d recently heard the FLOSS Weekly episode for ZoneMinder, so I figured I would check it out. The wiki listed the D-Link 930L as an working option, and it was about $40 on Amazon. It is wifi-connected and does 640×480 video, so it’s a pretty good basic solution. I plugged it in, set it up and everything “just worked”. Rather than subscribe to D-Link’s cloud service, I configured ZoneMinder to record video when motion was detected. The Android app actually lets me see the video live from anywhere and I’ve hooked it up to my Roku as well.

I published a Chef cookbook for installing and configuring ZoneMinder, following the configuration guide. The monitor configuration is stored in the database and I didn’t feel like spending the time to set that up, so the cookbook is pretty basic since additional configuration was done in the web UI. The code for the cookbook is at

Here are screenshots of the configuration screens:

Monitor: General Settings

Monitor: General Settings

Monitor: Source

Monitor: Source

ZoneMinder: Options

ZoneMinder: Options


3 Responses to “ZoneMinder Chef Cookbook”

  1. Ok cool, now I will contribute Arch Linux support to your cookbook 🙂

  2. dphuk said

    Hi Matt, do you have any information on how you hooked this up to your Roku please? I’ve been running ZM for a long time and recently installed Roku units and would be great to view the CCTV on this also. Cheers, Dave.

  3. mattray said

    There’s a built-in Roku webpage application, I just gave it the URL for the ZoneMinder image and set it to refresh periodically. I’m away from my Roku but I could probably get you more details if that’s not enough.

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